Beyond The Byre -  From Dining Table to a Shed With a View

Beyond The Byre - From Dining Table to a Shed With a View

For years we had been coming up with ideas that would ultimately lead us into self-employment, usually our most creative ideas were born when walking, we had a long, long list and an equally long list of pros and cons. Some ideas were realistic others not, some used our creative skills and some not. 

As for many March 2020 became a time of reflection and contemplation, I was an Art Teacher and Therapeutic Lead at a County Durham Special School, David works at Ikea, in March that year he was Furloughed for 10 weeks. I was working a rota at school and when not at school, I was preparing lessons and doing lots of other school stuff that takes up vast quantities of time, but seems quite pointless, now that I no longer have to do it. 

We had the time to start making, learning as we went, developing skills. The enamel part of our journey started with a kiln, on loan during lockdown. It was a very small kiln, no thermostat, no temperature read out and no instructions, but it started us on this amazing artisan jewellery journey, that has now wonderfully become our life!

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Good to see you and your beautiful work at Wylam today. If I wasn’t curbing my earring obsession, I’d have bought a pair. Thank you for buying the Hebe (now labelled Veronica I think, as the botanical experts have re-re-classified them 🙄). Hope it does well for you. Best wishes to you both. S.

Suzanne (& Bryan) Stanley

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