Here you can find some of the answers to the questions people most frequently ask. If there is any further information you would require please do not hesitate to contact us by clicking on this link.

Q. Does silver tarnish? 

A. Sterling Silver is an alloy and contains some copper, which reacts with a number of things including sulphur particles in the air, moisture, perfume and chlorine, from swimming pools and spas. Our chains and findings are sterling silver, however many of our items are created from art clay which when fired is 99% fine silver, this material rarely tarnishes. 

Q. How can I clean my sterling silver necklace?

A. There are a variety of products on the market for cleaning your silver jewellery. We use Hagerty Silver Clean Dip and a Hagerty Silver Cloth for the final polish. 

Q. Does copper turn your skin green? 

A. When we get warm and our body sweats the copper reacts with oxygen in the air, acidity in water and chemicals in perfume, this can create over time a blue-green patina on your copper jewellery, which can transfer to your skin. It is not harmful to you and should clean off with soap and water. We use Peek to polish and protect our silver and copper jewellery. 

Q. How do I make my copper shiny again?  

A. Copper ages beautifully over time and some people love the every changing patina. However if you would like your copper restored to the original Beyond The Byre finish we would recommend Peek polishing cream, or you could try making a paste of white vinegar and table salt, apply this to the surface and then use a soft cloth to buff up the surface. We also use Fine Steel Wool which instantly cleans away everyday muck and grease. 

Q. Are all your products handmade in Northumberland? 

A. Beyond The Byre Artisan Jewellery is created in our Shed (studio), overlooking the beautiful Derwent Reservoir. We make our own blanks/bases from up-cycled copper, recycled silver, copper and silver metal clay. We don't make big batches and each bangle, earring pendant, enamel, silver or copper pendant and ring is truly hand crafted and hand made by us. We buy in lengths of 925 silver trace chain, 925 jump rings, clasps, posts and scrolls and the pins for our cap and lapel badges. We cut sterling silver necklace chains to the desired length and solder the clasps and jump rings for added durability, wear-ability and security. We solder stud posts on to our handmade earrings and create silver ear wires to suit each individual dangle or drop earring.

We hope we have answered your question and you can now continue with your Beyond The Byre Artisan Jewellery purchase, knowing that your order has been lovingly created and will, with just a little TLC last you or your recipient a life time. 

Many thanks Carolyn and David.

Beyond The Byre Artisan Jewellers Northumberland.