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Mens and Women's Copper Bangles. Unisex Adjustable Copper Bracelet

Mens and Women's Copper Bangles. Unisex Adjustable Copper Bracelet

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Wide Copper Bangles  handmade by David in our rural studio in Northumberland. They look fantastic, can be worn everyday and are so easy to care for, just use a polishing cloth or a bit of wire wool to get the shine back, or let time do it's thing and let it age naturally. The width of bangle may vary slightly due to changes in stock.

Choose from 4 designs

Floral, plain, horizontal or diagonal line, whatever you choose, there is no getting away from the gorgeous qualities of copper as a metal and key component of our jewellery. It ages and changes with time, it is easy to wear and beautiful to look at.


  • 1.2 cm  x 2mm Cut to your requirements.(Approx)


  • Pure Copper


  • Delivered in a BTB eco-friendly black drawstring pouch and compostable packaging. 

    Sizing you up!

    • As our bangles are all made to order, we do need to make sure you order the correct size for your wrist. The bangle is approximately 1 cm wide. 
    • If you unsure of your size, please grab a piece of string and a ruler or measure.
    • Place the string just below the joint on your wrist and wrap it around so that it joins and sits where you would naturally wear it, now place that length against your ruler and measure to the nearest half inch please (i.e.7 inches or 8.5inches)
    • You can then select the correct measurement in the option box as you complete your order.
    • These are adjustable bangles, so there will always be a half inch to inch gap between the two ends, you can then shape the bangle once its on your wrist. 

    Indie and Out

    By purchasing one of our handmade copper bangles you will be supporting a small indie jewellery business. We get immense pleasure knowing our handcrafted pieces are worn throughout the UK. 

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